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What are the classifications of wrapping paper

  What are the classifications of wrapping paper?

  Wrapping paper, also known as packing paper, is a general term for a type of paper used for packaging purposes. It can be divided into ordinary wrapping paper, special wrapping paper, label paper, oil-proof wrapping paper and moisture-proof wrapping paper. Usually has high strength and toughness. Various types of packaging paper have different properties and uses. For example, special fruit wrappers are thin and soft. The photosensitive protective paper is opaque. Oil-proof wrapping paper (vegetable parchment paper, etc.) has anti-oil penetration properties. Moisture-proof wrapping paper (asphalt paper, oil paper, aluminum foil paper, etc.) is moisture-proof. Trademark paper is used for packaging after printing.

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  Ordinary wrapping paper is mostly used for general commodity packaging, and the quality requirements are not strict. It can be divided into: ordinary packaging paper, special packaging paper, trademark packaging paper, greaseproof paper, moisture-proof paper, etc. Ordinary packaging paper is strong and tough, and is used for general packaging, such as kraft paper and chicken skin paper.

  Special packaging papers are named according to their uses, and their properties are also different. For example, fruit packaging paper is thin and soft, photosensitive protective paper is black and opaque, and cement bag paper is tough and not easy to break.

  Trademark wrapping paper is used for packaging after printing, such as candy wrapping paper. Grease-proof paper has the property of preventing oil penetration, such as vegetable parchment, butter paper, etc.

  Moisture-proof paper is moisture-proof, such as tar paper, greased paper, aluminum foil paper, etc.

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