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What are the specific aspects of gift bags in business gifts

  What specific aspects are the gift bags mainly used in business gifts?

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  Office Supplies:

  1: Corporate office supplies

  Such products include paper bricks, booklets, folders, etc., which can be used for business advertising gifts as well as for internal use in the unit. The feature is that the advertising position is prominent. This booklet and folder can also be added with a company profile, which is suitable for office occasions.

  2: Advertising pen

  It is compact, practical, and versatile. Whether it is distributed in large quantities or specially presented, there are suitable choices including: ballpoint pens, signature pens, modeling pens, brand pens, etc.

  3: Electronic products

  Practical and technical, modern people naturally prefer technological gifts. Including: calculators, radios, electronic calendars, PDAs, electronic health products, etc.

  Company image products:

  1: Chest emblem keychain

  Effectively establish the company's brand image, low-end products are suitable for promotion and exhibitions, and high-end products are used in business occasions.

  2: Plastic products

  The advertising location is eye-catching and has the effect of outdoor advertising. It is often used in the layout of exhibitions and large-scale public events. Including: large inflatable objects, modeling inflatable objects, automatic inflatable balloons, etc.

  3: Packaging products

  Exquisite packaging plays an important role in establishing the company's image and enhancing the promotion effect. Including packaging boxes, packaging bags, paper bags, etc. of various materials.

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