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What are the specific aspects of gift bags in daily necessities

The specific aspects of gift bags in daily necessities:

Daily necessities

1: Gift bag in advertising clothing

The true "intimate" contact allows the brand to penetrate people's hearts. Including: cultural shirts, T-shirts, jackets, vests, advertising caps, scarves, ties, etc.

gift bag

2: Gift bag in leather products

The charm of leather lies in its naturalness and exquisiteness. It is a commonly used high-end business gift. Including: business card holder, key case, cosmetic bag, silver folder, ticket holder, briefcase, etc.

3: Gift bag in luggage products

Practical gifts, suitable for conferences, lectures, exhibitions, etc. Including: coin bags, pencil bags, suitcases, computer bags, leisure bags, briefcases, etc.

4: Gift bag in household goods

Let the memory of corporate brands penetrate into every corner of people's lives, including low-end gifts suitable for exhibitions and promotions, as well as high-end VIP gifts such as Swiss army knives and brand-name electrical appliances.

5: Gift bag in advertising umbrellas and tents

With strong practicability and prominent advertising position, it is a very popular gift in summer promotions and exhibitions.

6: Wedding, birthday gift packaging, or as a gift bag

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