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What are the types of gift bags

  There are many types of gift bags, how much do you know? The use of gift bags is also diverse, and its use is generally determined according to the thickness and design specifications of the paper used. Today, the editor of LONGSUN takes you to learn more about gift bags, let's take a look.

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  Common types of gift bags are:

  1. Non-woven bags, this kind of gift bags are generally used as advertising bags, handbags, etc.

  2. Burlap bags are mostly used as document bags.

  3. Storage bag, as the name suggests, is mostly used for storage.

  4. Eco-friendly paper bags, this type is the most commonly used at present, such as catering packaging bags, clothing packaging bags, gift handbags, supermarket shopping bags, etc. can all use this type of paper bags. It is highly designed and can be used for promotion. A well-made paper bag is no less than an excellent advertising sign, and the cost is also low. In addition, printing some knowledgeable words and patterns on paper bags can also be used as a way of cultural transmission, which not only brings convenience to people to carry things, but also plays a certain role in cultural transmission. There is also a beautifully crafted gift bag that may also drive product sales. For example, a beautiful dessert packaging bag may help you attract customers to shop.

  The above is the sharing of LONGSUN today. Choosing to make an exquisite gift bag has a great effect on the promotion and sales of the product. But at the same time, the load-bearing capacity of the gift bag must also be considered. Gift bags of poor quality may bring a bad experience to users.

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