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What is the main classification of packaging paper

  Packing paper (packing paper, wrapping paper) is a general term for a type of paper mainly used for packaging purposes. It usually has high strength and toughness, can withstand pressure, and can withstand folding. The quality requirements are simpler than those of cultural printing paper. There are many types of subdivided papers, each with different properties and uses. For example, the paper used for food packaging also requires hygiene, sterility, and pollution-free impurities. The electronics, daily chemical, food, beverage and other industries have great demand for packaging paper.

wrapping paper

  According to the function, it can be divided into ordinary packaging paper, special packaging paper, food packaging paper, commodity printing packaging paper, etc.

  1. General

  The packaging base paper and cardboard for general packaging functions are usually made into cartons, partitions, paper bags and cartons, including paper bag paper, kraft paper, chicken skin paper, striped kraft paper, kraft cardboard, liner paper, cardboard paper, corrugated paper, honeycomb Cardboard etc.

  2. Special

  Packaging paper with special functions for various environments, such as oil-proof packaging paper, moisture-proof packaging paper, rust-proof paper, etc.

  3. Food

  Wrapping paper used for "packing" in food, beverage and other fields includes food parchment paper and candy packaging base paper.

  4. Commodity printing

  The cardboard with liner layer, core layer, and surface layer with filler and rubber is printed with a trademark and made into paper boxes and other papers for packaging. There are white board paper, white cardboard and so on.

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