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What is wrapping paper

  What does the wrapping paper look like?

  Wrapping paper refers to paper used for packaging. This type of paper has high strength, low moisture content, low air permeability, no corrosion, and has a certain degree of water resistance, and it is also beautiful in use.

wrapping paper

  Packaging papers include kraft paper, chicken skin paper, paper bag paper, parchment paper, cellophane, tar paper, moisture-proof paper, gunpowder wrapping paper, neutral wrapping paper, translucent paper, rust-proof paper, greaseproof paper, food wrapping paper, paraffin paper, Tea bag paper, red electric light gun paper, vacuum aluminized paper, composite paper, etc.

  Wrapping paper is paper used to package various commodities. Generally, it has high physical strength and certain water resistance. According to the characteristics of the product, the packaging paper has corresponding special properties. Among the packaging papers, the largest amount is used for packaging bulk powder and granular industrial and agricultural raw materials, such as paper bag paper for cement, fertilizer, etc., which are generally made of more than 3 to 4 layers of paper. Therefore, it is also called multi-layer paper bag paper to distinguish it from other bag papers for packaging light and thin goods. This type of packaging paper mainly requires high strength, heavy load resistance, impact resistance, and appropriate air permeability.

  Food packaging paper has the most varieties and specifications. It is divided into two categories: inner packaging and outer packaging. Direct contact with food is called inner packaging paper, which is mainly required to be clean, free of bacteria, and has the characteristics of moisture-proof, oil-proof, anti-sticking, and mildew-proof.

  The outer packaging paper is mainly to beautify and protect the product. In addition to requiring a certain physical strength, it also needs to be clean and beautiful, suitable for printing multi-color product patterns and text. Packaging paper for liquid beverages such as milk and vegetable juice must also be impermeable. In order to be able to store and keep fresh for a longer period of time, special beverage soft packaging papers (see food packaging containers) that are composited with paper and metal film, and composited with paper and plastic and metal film have been developed.

  In order to meet the anti-rust needs of metal instruments and tools, anti-rust paper has been developed. Most of the cardboard is also used for commodity packaging, mainly used to make cartons, cartons and packaging liners.

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