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How do we choose a suitable paper bag size

  How do we choose your own paper bag size?

  The choice of paper bag size is generally going to see the style, the style is different, the size is naturally different. Under normal circumstances, the style of the paper bag is divided into cross-section and vertical paragraph. The size of the two dimensions is different. How can we maximize the use of good raw materials to reduce costs for our products?

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  First, the horizontal, the vertical paper bag size is how to calculate, which size is the most cost-effective size.

  In the past, we have talked about that a paper bag is actually a whole, which has been printed, processed, due to the overall width of the paper, this makes the paper bag size determines the degree of waste of paper, because a paper left The lower corners are not available. They can only be used as garbage in the form of waste paper, so we can do it to some standard sizes according to our needs, because these sizes are we pass The calculated, the most painted paper is also the most real price.

  From the perspective of vertical paper bags, we generally recommend consumers using the following dimensions:


  Designed in terms of long-term higher than column, these paper bags are the most material, and your product price is mostly maximum.

  Second, from the perspective of the horizontal paper bag, the proportion of these paper bags is different.

  Because the height of the horizontal paper bag is not high but the length is growing, the effect of the expanding map is naturally different, we have the size of the horizontal paper bag, the best use naturally changes, if we still use it on the size, just If you change your high and long, the effect of producing is definitely different, we generally recommend it in cross-section paper bag:

  13 * 9 * 3,15 * 11 * 3, 20 * 14.5 * 5, 32 * 23 * 7, 39 * 29 * 6, 45 * 34 * 8

  These are all configured according to the long-range specific columns, and the paper bag is designed with these paper bags, which will be very high in the utilization rate of the paper.

  Third, sometimes it is necessary to randomly strain when making a paper bag size, and set it according to the actual situation.

  We also know that our materials and goods are uncertain in actual production. If the size of the product is similar to the size of the paper bag recommended, then we can naturally be designed.

  The paper bag size is 1. No matter whether it is material or goods, we should take the customer's experience. On this basis, we are compared in accordance with the standard size. If it is feasible, then our paper bag selection is correct, and vice versa.

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