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Acrylic gift box
Acrylic gift box
Acrylic gift box
Acrylic gift box
Acrylic gift box
Acrylic gift box

Acrylic gift box

Color of Acrylic gift box:  Gold, black,white, accept customization

Product Name:  Acrylic gift box

Material:  Cardboard/Acrylic

Price:  0.38-0.49 usd/pc

MOQ: 500 pcs/color


Acrylic gift box - LONGSUN


Quick Details

  Item Name   Acrylic gift box   MOQ   500 pcs/color

  Gold,black,white,accept customization


  20cmx20cmx7cm,23cmx11cmx7cm,accept customization

  Packing   1 pcs/bag   Material   Cardboard/Acrylic
  Price   0.38-0.49 usd/pc   Application   For packaging of flowers, gifts, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.
  Production Time

  1,for sample 3-5 days.

  2,for order 30-35  days.

  Shipping Time

  1,by sea 30-35 days.

  2,by air 7-10 days.

  3,by express 5-7 days.

  Place of Origin   Zhejiang, China   Brand Name   LONGSUN

Product Description

  Acrylic gift box is the "coat" of a product, and delicate gifts also need a suitable gift box to set off. When people are shopping for gifts, the outer box of the gift is also a highlight that attracts them. The following gift box manufacturer LONGSUN packaging summarizes the three functions of the packaging box:


  1. Protect the product


  After the production is completed, the gift box manufacturer’s packaging box needs to be used to protect the product for direct sales. In order to prevent the items from being scattered when they arrive at the point of sale and to better ensure the integrity of the items, the products will be packaged in gift boxes, which is effective The packaging can also be better delivered to the destination.


  2. Promote sales


  Use gift boxes to promote sales. Packaging has the function of identifying and beautifying products, attracting purchases and guiding consumption. As an important part of formal products, if you choose to use the packaging box as a packaging business, you need to pay attention to the packaging design and appearance design of the packaging box.


  3. Upgrading


  Acrylic gift box packaging of gift box manufacturers also has the effect of upgrading the grade. Good outer packaging can better reflect the value of an item of the package, and can also improve the product grade and obtain higher value. Because the packaged products are easy to store and keep, convenient to transport, and reduce damage, it can increase market sales and increase profitability. In a highly competitive industry, the value of the goods can be better reflected, and the competitiveness of the peers can be enhanced. The outer packaging of the goods is one of the important factors, and the quality of the goods itself must be guaranteed.


  LONGSUN is a professional organza bag, wrapping paper manufacturer and gift bag supplier in China. We provide countless patterns and designs, and can also help you build your own logo or design. This will bring a unique brand effect and will also increase customer brand awareness.


  We focus on "quality service, high-tech innovation, rapid development", and we will serve more customers. Welcome to choose us - an organza bag, wrapping paper manufacturer and gift bag supplier.  >>>more products

Packing & Delivery

Packaging Details:1 pcs/bag


Port:Ningbo or Shanghai

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