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Flower pattern paper bag
Flower pattern paper bag
Flower pattern paper bag
Flower pattern paper bag
Flower pattern paper bag
Flower pattern paper bag

Flower pattern paper bag

Color of Flower pattern paper bag:  Red,orange,pink,blue,white,black,accept customization

Product Name:  Flower pattern paper bag

Material:  Cardboard

Price:  0.22-0.78 usd/pc

MOQ: 500 pcs/color


Flower pattern paper bag - LONGSUN


Quick Details

  Item Name   Flower pattern paper bag   MOQ   500 pcs/color

  Gold,black,white,accept customization


  20cmx20cmx7cm,23cmx11cmx7cm,accept customization

  Packing   1 pcs/bag   Material   Cardboard
  Price   0.38-0.49 usd/pc   Application   For packaging of flowers, gifts, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.
  Production Time

  1,for sample 3-5 days.

  2,for order 30-35  days.

  Shipping Time

  1,by sea 30-35 days.

  2,by air 7-10 days.

  3,by express 5-7 days.

  Place of Origin   Zhejiang, China   Brand Name   LONGSUN

Product Description

  Nowadays, white cardboard is the most commonly used Flower pattern paper bag on the market. For this kind of Flower pattern paper bag, more businesses and enterprises have seen the main force of its advertising and marketing strategies, and it has also led to a turning point in brand influence. Often handbags have the effect of mobile media, are affordable and easy to use, and have strong bearing capacity. They can also become the focus of many companies. So what is the magical effect of the Flower pattern paper bag?


  1. Advertising.


  Hand-held paper bags have the role of advertising. For companies, using it to advertise really uses the channels of publicity. It is because many people have seen its effects that the current situation will appear, so the portable paper bag will have such a magical effect.


  2. Marketing strategy.


  The marketing strategy of hand-held paper bags has well-known effects. With this kind of agile force, companies are getting better and better, and even with this marketing strategy, a market competition is launched. The display of marketing plan is the result and sense of form that the company can see. Handbag manufacturers have become an indispensable manufacturer for more people, hoping to play a key role in your marketing strategy.


  3. Brand influence.


  With the existence of this power, the brand influence has gained effective development potential. It is the effect of such a portable paper bag that allows us to see his unprecedented effectiveness and tactful power and influence.


  4. Mobile media.


  The reason why the portable paper bag can show its agility also allows the portable bag to drive its fluidity effect. Especially with this kind of media approach, it has promoted the fun of the enterprise, and at the same time it has made the enterprise more significant.


  LONGSUN is a professional organza bag, wrapping paper manufacturer and gift bag supplier in China. This website provides information such as packaging paper product pictures and selected packaging paper pictures. We provide you with a full range of picture references when choosing products, providing a pleasant online shopping experience!


  Our mission is to provide customers with high-quality, best-selling products, and to pass on beauty to more people. Welcome to choose us - an organza bag, wrapping paper manufacturer and gift bag supplier.  >>>more products

Packing & Delivery

Packaging Details:1 pcs/bag


Port:Ningbo or Shanghai

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