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Custom gift wrapping paper
Custom gift wrapping paper
Custom gift wrapping paper
Custom gift wrapping paper
Custom gift wrapping paper
Custom gift wrapping paper
Custom gift wrapping paper
Custom gift wrapping paper

Custom gift wrapping paper

Color of Custom gift wrapping paper:  White,black,red,green,gold,silver,accept customization

Product Name:  Custom gift wrapping paper

Material:  non woven/kraft/matte film/pearl film

Price:  0.22-0.78 usd/pc

MOQ: 500 pcs/color


Custom gift wrapping paper - LONGSUN


Quick Details

  Item Name   Custom gift wrapping paper   MOQ   500 pcs/color

  Gold,black,white,accept customization


  20cmx20cmx7cm,23cmx11cmx7cm,accept customization

  Packing   1 pcs/bag   Material   non woven/kraft/matte film/pearl film
  Price   0.38-0.49 usd/pc   Application   For packaging of flowers, gifts, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.
  Production Time

  1,for sample 3-5 days.

  2,for order 30-35  days.

  Shipping Time

  1,by sea 30-35 days.

  2,by air 7-10 days.

  3,by express 5-7 days.

  Place of Origin   Zhejiang, China   Brand Name   LONGSUN

Product Description

  For the use of Custom gift wrapping paper, there are naturally many performance requirements, so what are its performance requirements? First of all, it must have good strength in use, but it does not have good strength in the process. It is naturally difficult to have good packaging quality in the process, so this is the first performance requirement, and then there is One point is what kind of content rate will be in the process.


  If it is a Custom gift wrapping paper that has a high moisture content in the entire product, it is naturally difficult for the main user to be well satisfied. Therefore, it is an inevitable requirement to achieve self-improvement in this respect. Only let it be in the process With this improvement, users will be satisfied. At the same time, it needs to have smaller air permeability in use. There are many manufacturers now, and they have their own differences in production, so they will be in this respect. There are also differences in performance.


  The last aspect, that is, in the use of Custom gift wrapping paper, it depends on what kind of corrosion performance it has. Under normal circumstances, it is often required to have corresponding anti-corrosion requirements in use, but this will also be caused by different manufacturers. There are big differences in use. Therefore, the user needs to choose the manufacturer in use. A good manufacturer will inevitably have its own advantages in many aspects. Therefore, the user must pay corresponding attention to the selection and choose a truly powerful manufacturer.


  LONGSUN is a professional organza bag, wrapping paper manufacturer and gift bag supplier in China. Material packaging, choose us. The packaging materials are complete, the service is attentive, and the quality is good. We focus on producing high-quality products with complete specifications and accept customized services. We are also a manufacturer with a long history, standing firm with excellent product quality.


  Our main products are organza bags, gift bags, paper bags, wrapping paper, gift boxes, etc. When designing and developing new products according to customer needs, we strictly control quality standards while controlling production costs. Welcome to choose us - organza bag, wrapping paper manufacturer and gift bag supplier.  >>>more products

Packing & Delivery

Packaging Details:1 pcs/bag


Port:Ningbo or Shanghai

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