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Category: Packing Bags

  • Flower Carry PET Bag FB12218

    Code:FB12218 Name:Flower Carry PET Bag FB12218 Size:30cm x 12cm x 25cm Packing:10 pcs/bag Floral Packaging Valentine’s Day Simple Portable PET Transparent Gift Bouquet Flower Bag with Handle

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  • Paper Flower Bag FB12215

    Code:FB12215 Name:Paper Flower Bag Size:23.5cm x 9cm x 15.3cm Packing:10 pcs/bag Folding Flower Bag Packaging Materials Flower Arrangement Box Flower Bag for Bouquets

    Read More: Paper Flower Bag FB12215
  • Transparent Flower PP Bag

    Code:HD-FB012-P Name:Transparent Flower PP Bag Size:24cm x 12cm x 11cm x 26cm, 26cm x 13cm x 13cm x 36cm, Accept Customization Packing:10 pcs/bag Color:Transparent

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  • Flower Paper Hug Bag

    Code:FB12180 Name:Flower Paper Hug Bag Size:45cm x 13.5cm x 31cm, 30cm x 13cm x 25cm, Accept Customization Packing:10 pcs/bag Color:Silver, White, Accept Customization

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  • Kraft Paper Flower Bag

    Code:HD-FB012-K Name:Kraft Paper Flower Bag Size:12cm x 8cm x 13cm, 22cm x 11cm x 13cm, Accept Customization Packing:10 pcs/bag Color:Kraft

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  • Paper Bag With PVC Window

    Code:HD-FB045 Name:Paper Bag With PVC Window Size:25cm x 15cm x 35cm, Accept Customization Packing:10 pcs/bag Color:White, Black, Pink, Accept Customization

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Popular Posts

  • Embossed Non Woven Flower Sleeve FS-NW046
    Embossed Non Woven Flower Sleeve FS-NW046

    Code:FS-NW046 Name:Embossed Non Woven Flower Sleeve Size:35cm x 35cm Packing:50 pcs/bag Non Woven For Cut Flower Wrap Color Flower Wrapping Non Woven Flower Sleeve

  • BOPP Flower Sleeve FS-BS-107
    BOPP Flower Sleeve FS-BS-107

    Code:FS-BS-107 Name:BOPP Flower Sleeve Size:13cm x 4cm x 45cm Packing:50 pcs/bag Plastic Flower Pot Sleeve Printed Flower Wrapping Paper Cut Flower Bouquets

  • BOPP Flower Sleeve FS-BS-106
    BOPP Flower Sleeve FS-BS-106

    Code:FS-BS-106 Name:BOPP Flower Sleeve Size:13cm x 4cm x 45cm Packing:50 pcs/bag Simple Single Flowers Wrapping Cellophane Flower Sleeve Rose Packaging Florist Floral Materials