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Category: Floral Accessories

  • Natural Jute Rope

    Code:FA22311 Name:Natural Jute Rope Size:2mm x 40m Packing:1 pc/bag Color:Natural

    Read More: Natural Jute Rope
  • Gardening Scissors

    Code:FA22310 Name:Gardening Scissors Size:7cm x 20cm Packing:1 pc/bag Color:Red

    Read More: Gardening Scissors
  • Green Floral Wire

    Code:FA22309 Name:Green Floral Wire Size:0.2cm x 40cm Packing:100 pcs/bag Color:Green

    Read More: Green Floral Wire
  • PVC Decorative Butterfly

    Code:FA22308 Name:PVC Decorative Butterfly Size:10cm+13cm Packing:32 pcs/box Color:Multicolor, Black+White

    Read More: PVC Decorative Butterfly
  • Pearl Decorative Pin

    Code:FA22307 Name:Pearl Decorative Pin Size:3.7cm, 3.9cm Packing:480 pcs/set Color:White

    Read More: Pearl Decorative Pin
  • Plastic Card Holder

    Code:FA22306 Name:Plastic Card Holder Size:34cm Packing:80 pcs/bag Color:Red, Pink, White

    Read More: Plastic Card Holder
  • Metal Rose Pliers

    Code:FA22305 Name:Metal Rose Pliers Size:14cm Packing:10 pcs/bag Color:Red

    Read More: Metal Rose Pliers
  • Plastic Rose Pliers

    Code:FA22304 Name:Plastic Rose Pliers Size:12cm Packing:10 pcs/bag Color:Blue, Green, Pink

    Read More: Plastic Rose Pliers
  • Bouquet Decorative Crown

    Code:FA22303 Name:Bouquet Decorative Crown Size:15cm, 17cm Packing:1 pc/bag Color:Gold, Silver

    Read More: Bouquet Decorative Crown
  • Metal Card Holder

    Code:FA22302 Name:Metal Card Holder Size:34cm Packing:10 pcs/bag Color:Heart, Star, Circle

    Read More: Metal Card Holder
  • Green Floral Tape

    Code:FA22301 Name:Green Floral Tape Size:1.2cm x 25y Packing:12 pcs/bag Color:Green

    Read More: Green Floral Tape


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