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Paper Bag

The high quality paper bag supplier you are looking for


Paper bags are a versatile and reusable product. They can be used for a variety of purposes such as tote bags, trash bags, or shopping bags. There are many different types of paper bags available, including grocery bags, pharmacy bags, and bakery bags.


Paper bags are one of the most common items in a household. They are used for many things, such as collecting recyclables, holding grocery items, and protecting items during transport. Some people feel that they are not environmentally friendly because they take up so much space in landfills. Others feel that they are a cheap and efficient way to store items.


Paper bag: natural kraft kraft paper grocery bag. Retail clothing and small sizes are average, making them an excellent choice for merchandise. A full range of paper food bags. A variety of sizes and weights are available. Brown kraft paper or white


Paper shopping bags: high quality and reliability. When you pack products into these grocery bags, promoting your brand becomes a breeze.




Our factory is located in the manufacturing province with a convenient transportation industry of Zhejiang. It has a 10, 000 square foot factory building with raw material workshop, slitting and rewinding workshop, sewing workshop and packaging workshop.


We have a variety of paper bags for you to choose from:

Grocery bag: made of brown kraft paper, it is very suitable for all your packaging needs. If you need a very sturdy bag, no matter what it is. Grocery bag for kitchen garbage. A food bag similar to a garage bag in the kitchen. These food bags are thicker than the food bags provided by grocery stores in the past.


They are reasonably priced and very sturdy. This is a high-quality bag with a moderate weight. Kraft durable food bag with handle. The sturdy paper and the attached handle can carry a lot of groceries. The bag is strong and the handle is strong.


They stay open and will not collapse like more fragile bags. Duro tote bags are durable, reusable and efficient, and grocers rely on the strength and ease of loading of these shopping bags.



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